Instantly Communicate In 40+ Languages With This Device

Thanks to the latest breakthroughs in AI technology, we have been able to make the ultimate language tool, something that allows anyone on our planet able to speak to another, in two different languages, while still understanding each other perfectly.

Translaty® Pro supports 40 languages and has been featured on a long list of the largest TV channels and newspapers in the world. Our happy customers are telling their friends and recommending us heartily, so despite the fact that we barely advertise we are growing at an exponential rate!

We have helped more than 100,000 people communicate in new languages, built innumerable friendships and allowed countless business deals to take place. Join the movement!

Translaty® Pro helps you in every situation, but here are some of the most popular ones:  

  • Business Meetings
  • Vacation & Travelling
  • Helping Lost Tourists
  • Every Day Life 

Communicating just got easier..

Stop spending your hard-earned cash and valuable time on language classes. Instead, use this portable device and carry on with your regular life. Thanks to this innovative device, you can speak to anyone in 40+ languages instantly.

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